Saturday, February 20, 2010

why i did not do my work

for me, home means rest. it means enjoy to the fullest, and when you get tired of enjoying, you go to sleep. i seldom come home so when i do come home, i expect to redeem all the lost rest and enjoy. in college i do work really hard. spend hours after hours in the library for all my research. then in the hostel, i am usually busy wit all the assignments and other things which requires my attention. there are indeed many nights where i don't get enough sleep.

so, when i come home i've gotta rest. that is why all my work is not done this time. how am i supposed to sit and write my assignment when the tv is so tempting? back in college i don't even know what a tv looks like. and how am i supposed to type out my work when this is my only chance to get updated with friends via facebook and ym? in college, i can hardly go online.

and how am i supposed to do my work when i have to go out and meet relatives and friends? i am a person who value friendship. and one way to keep the bond strong is to meet during holidays. after all, we have all gone our different ways to follow our destiny. furthermore, i have not gone to jj or parkson or even giant for more than a month. so i deserve a bit of a treat right?

so, with all these distractions and necesssities, how in the world am i supposed to do my work? thus, all my work is till this moment - not done. some are not even started yet. God help me.