Monday, June 13, 2011

Today is Monday

And it's my first day of exam. This week is going to be one mentally challenging week. I still have things to prepare for but i cant make myself look at any more notes. Why?

and surprisingly enough, i feel as if today is just another day of my life. It's like there's nothing unusual happening today, just a routine day. Am I normal?

When i slept last night, i wasn't even thinking of my exams (nor did i do any revision the whole of last night). I was just lying in my bed thinking of other stuff. I dont think i've ever been like this before an exam. I feel emotionless. I am not scared of nervous, nor am i confident or happy. i feel nothing at all.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm a 1st year undergrad

For years i have wondered how it'll be to study overseas. Since I am teh type of person who takes each day as it comes, I didn't exactly spend my days and nights imagining life in the UK, i just enjoyed the moment wherever I was, let it be matriks or maktab. But in the two years that I spent in IPIP, I did work to get myself a 'ticket' to Warwick. And here I am now, a 1st year undergraduate University student.

My first year just passed through like lightning, but this time, I didn't exactly waste my time (at least not all of it) as i can truthfully say, I have lived my first year in warwick to the fullest. However, a crucial time has approached- exams. The system in Warwick is different from what I am accustomed to, and now i just wonder how will i feel when I'm writing down the answers to the exam questions. Will i be able to answer them? Will I be calm? How similar or different will it be from my past experiences of sitting for exams? I set off to Warwick with a mission, and my mission wasn't solely to do well in exams, I have somewhat achieved the others, now i need to tackle this mission of mine.

The end of exams will also mark the end of my 1st year. I am filled with mix feelings. But I am ready to go on. And as usual, i will take each day as it comes, not paying too much attention to do the past, nor thinking to much of the future. Life is to be taken as it comes, one step at a time.