Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i'm sorry and i will always love you

This post is specially dedicated to the most adorable creatures on earth- CATS. To all the cats in the world i humbly apologise for my previous post which may have offended you. The post about a mouse's life is not meant to insult cats but merely to entertaint my readers (if i have any).

Dear cats,
Please be well assured that no other animal can ever take your place in my heart. if you feel upset with my post, i am very sorry. Please believe me when i say that CATS ARE THE BEST!!!CATS RULE!! there is no other animal which is cuter than cats. for me, i will always love cats and cats will always love me.

lastly, to all the kitties..I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU VERY,VERY,VERY MUCH. MEOWWWW...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Life as a Mouse

Ok, ok, look right. Look left. Right again. Ok, road clear. Cross.


Dammit!! The damn furball is back again. Where the heck is the stupid cat hiding this time? So, you wanna play hide and seek, eh? Fine. I can’t see you, but I can smell your stink. Hmm…where does the smell come from, the one that is a mixture of the stink of rotten tuna and a cat’s bad breath?
Uh-oh! He’s there, right behind me.

Good gracious!!! This cat surely haven’t heard about Cat-sterine. Just the stink of his smelly mouth would kill me. Hell, no. Not gonna allow that. I shall live to die another day. Now, time to escape-James Bond style.

Nah, I changed my mind. It’ll be more fun to irritate it first.

What, you’re worried? Hey, what’s life without some adventure, eh?

Oh, Fluffy…Come here…come, come. Come catch me. I’m right in front of you.




Wachaa!!! Haiyah!!!

Oh, dear. My taekwando skills seems to leave no effect on Fluffy. I thought martial arts is all about the technique and skills, not the physical strength. Oh, I know the problem. I need a strategy.

Here comes my attacks.

Front kick, side kick and a back trust. Next, the hand attacks, Knife hand! Oh, he’s going to strike me. Hand block. Once more. Time to kick, Haiyah! Finally, the strongest, a twist of the arm, a side step to change position, and wham! I throw him to the floor. He’s flat on his back.

Eh, why do I seem to be in air? I can’t fly, can I? Who cares anyway. He’s down, and I’m up. that’s good news. I’ve made him lie helpless on his back-in my imagination.

None of my attacks worked.

I am indeed up while he’s down, but that’s not good news. I am up in his grip. His fury grip.


I’m in trouble. The time has come for me to give my death speech.

I, Micey, hereby leave all my possessions to the hamsters owned by the giant humans. I’ve always appreciated the friendship offered by the hamsters. It means a lot to me. The both of you were the only ones to treat me well. Though I have nothing but deep loathing towards your human owners, I hold no hard feelings against you.

The humans are horrible and selfish. I only need a few bites of their cheese or bread. What difference does these few bites make? They should learn to treat their inferiors with more respect and sympathy. They shouldn’t be picking fights with a creature as cute and adorable as me. I’m so much smaller than them. And the horrible lady. What a scary-cat she is. Nothing surprising there seeing that she owns a cat. Why does she need to scream on top of her lungs each time she sees me? I am just a mice, not a ghost. Not yet at least.


Cats must be really dumb creatures. The only word in their active vocabulary is ‘meow’. I’ve never heard any cats muttering anything else. And it is beyond my imagination why humans adore them so much. Well, I won’t be alive to find out. The moment has come for me to bid farewell to this world. I will no longer taste the delicious cheese which I am so fond of. I will never have the chance to really tell the hamsters how much they really mean to me. I will never get to run around this house and I will never see my lovely home again.


Oooouch! The cat just threw me to the floor.


Oh, my head hurts.

Oh, dear. This is sure to finish me off. Fluffy is going to bite me. No,no, I can’t watch this.

He grabs me again and I am being brought closer and closer to his mouth. The stink of his breath is getting stronger now. I can see his yellowish teeth more clear than ever, and it seems so big- and sharp. I feel like the size of his teeth has been magnified ten times. Now half my head is in his mouth. Is he going to munch me? God, this is scary!!


I get chucked to the floor. It hurts, but who cares? At least I get to live to tell the tale. Buddy, you’re the greatest dog on earth. Your timing could not have been more perfect. I shall be forever grateful.
Without a moment’s hesitation, I dash to my house. And though the dog is to growling, Fluffy chases after me. I manage to get into my house, he only manages to get his fat nose stuck in my tiny whole. Kahkahkah!! Serve you right, Fluffy.

That was seriously close. However, I will have to risk my life again to steal some food for survival. I have no choice. This is my life as a mouse.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

When Time Stops

Today i woke up with a feeling of pride. It was just 6.30 and i'm already out of bed. That's great!! i wouldn't need to rush today. Seing that it was still early, i took my bath first. When i walked into the bathroom, the sky was still dark, however,when i stepped out, the sky was really bright. i went back to the room to find the clock on my table showing 6.50. Wow, it's already bright at 6.50? Suddenly, i heard an announcement being made. It was the announcement for today's speaker's corner session. Since when did the announcement start so early? It's usually done at 7.10. Well, i guess this is just an early day for everyone.
Then, my phone beeped. And i got a shock of my life!!! The time showed 7.10. I was not early, I was LATE!!! The clock on my table is 20 minutes slow!!! Oh, when did the clock stop ticking? Oh...i so have to rush!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nasihat Buat KAum HAwa

Hawa, andai engkau belum berkahwin, jangan kau risau akan jodohmu,ingatlah hawa, janji Tuhan kita, wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik,jangan gadaikan maruah kamu semata-mata kerana seorang lelaki, jangan memakai pakaian yang menampakkan susuk tubuhmu hanya untuk menarik perhatian dan memikat kaum lelaki, kerana kamu bukan memancing hatinya tetapi merangsang nafsunya. Oleh itu hawa,jagalah pandanganmu, jagalah pakaianmu,jagalah akhlakmu, kuatkan pendirianmu. Andai kata tiada cinta Adam untukmu, cukuplah hanya cinta ALLAh menyinari dan memenuhi jiwamu. Biarlah hanya cinta kedua-dua ibu bapamu yang memberi kehangatan kebahgiaan buat dirimu. Cukuplah sekadar cinta adik-beradik serta keluarga yang akan membahgiakanmu.