Thursday, July 9, 2009

When Time Stops

Today i woke up with a feeling of pride. It was just 6.30 and i'm already out of bed. That's great!! i wouldn't need to rush today. Seing that it was still early, i took my bath first. When i walked into the bathroom, the sky was still dark, however,when i stepped out, the sky was really bright. i went back to the room to find the clock on my table showing 6.50. Wow, it's already bright at 6.50? Suddenly, i heard an announcement being made. It was the announcement for today's speaker's corner session. Since when did the announcement start so early? It's usually done at 7.10. Well, i guess this is just an early day for everyone.
Then, my phone beeped. And i got a shock of my life!!! The time showed 7.10. I was not early, I was LATE!!! The clock on my table is 20 minutes slow!!! Oh, when did the clock stop ticking? Oh...i so have to rush!!!

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