Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MInd Your Language

So i was and am still terribly down. no matter how high i get during the exam and in the following assignments, i have no hope of scoring a high pointer. even then, there is no guarantee that i will score well for the exam and future assignments, if i'm struggling to comprehend the concepts and theories now, i may face more problems later. God, I'm scared!

Neway, i was way too upset yesterday to do anything or to talk to anyone. The moment i reached my room, i went straight to bed and slept right till 7.30. when i woke up, I still felt horrid. It was hard to work on the assignment as my mind was terribly messed up. the fact that the question is indeed hard did not help either. there i was, sitting in my room...all down and clueless. then, i decided that i needed to cheer up a bit. so i googled comedies. first i watched 'fawlty towers' than i watched a few episodes of 'mind your language'. oh, how i miss that show. 'mind your language' made me laugh so much and this really helped in clearing my muddled mind. i watched for hours. now i know that one of the key to my own success is to be happy and to take things easy. a happy and relaxed me is able to write essays fast and they usually do have a flow of ideas. a messed up and upset me cant do any thinking and i only end up creating a mess in my essay. when i managed to clam myself a bit,i started writing the assignment.before i knew it, i already had 600 words and now i already have 1212.

no, i havent finished yet. i still have a lot to write and since i'll be exceeding the word count, i need to cut down on my words. i hope this assignment will be a real improvement. my,my, my...getting 50+ for 2 assignments in a row...what a slap.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random thoughts

1. gonna go with the flow

2. havent finished my short story for this week

3.havent started on culture assignment

4.programme in prayer hall on saturday 10-6pm =)

5. had ISOC 1st meeting

6. i really need to stroke a cat

7.managed to get my hands on gogo's burger but that day's one is so much nicer

8. i'm enjoying 'my sister's keeper'

9. i am still able to manage my time well, and i believe so far i have enough time for work, rest and prayers

10. gotta cook something tomoro

11. spent 9.10 pounds on food alone today

12. i realise how some people may take criticism very badly

13. i'm eating too much fast food, chocolates and other unhealthy food

14. i'm disappointed with my sociolinguistics assignment

15. have usrah at 1 pm, but i also have a date with my family on skype at that same time

16. already, my activities are clashing one another

17. i still have that doubt

18. i know why

19. but do i know how to resolve it?

20. parents thought the real life flowers in my room is plastic

21. i vacuumed room yesterday

22. i have a lot of clothes to hand wash

23. i miss someone...

24. i'm scared of the days ahead

25. life moves fast for me.

26. empty

27. truth

36. ...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Call Of Duty

When i first came to Warwick, i was very much impressed with the Malaysian Society's activities. As a highly patriotic person myself, I of course wanted to be a part of all the excitement. I am a part of it through my involvement in the Malaysian NIght. Before this though, i had bigger plans, i wanted to be a part of the MSA committee. I chose MSA but Allah decided ISOC is my place. I lost in the elections of MSA but surprising won the one for ISOC.

All my life, i have never questioned the decisions He makes for me. This is no exception. There are times when i don't get what i want, but in the end (often the ends for me always come sooner than expected) i realise that there are better things in life. This is just one example.

I see my win in the elections as a call of duty. the time has come for me to contribute to Islam. And i willingly and happily except this duty of mine. I am not perfect nor do i have abundant knowledge of Islam. It is my hope that in my journey as the exec of ISOC, i will improve myself while using my leadership skills to help others do the same. also, I hope that my ability to write well and speak convincingly will help in my humble attempts to spread the beauty of Islam.

ISOC, I am ready for you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Improvement+excitement=My Life

What can I say? Life in Warwick is sure exciting, and it gets more and more exciting. Before this, I truly felt that i have wasted so many months in Warwick. Now that I reflect again, I realise that I havent excatly lost that much. yes, I wasted way too much time on fb, and I was hardly focused enough on my studies..but, there are still many gains during those period.

I learnt to cook and i have actually been cooking every now and then.
I've taken an extra course in writing (i just noticed that it helps me have an easy flow in my academic writing)
I still scored a satisfactory grade for my culture portfolios
I have learned to be more patient

there are a few more small achievements but i cant remember them at the moment.

This week and the following week are promised to be really exciting. On this Thursday, I'll be having the election for ISOC (Warwick Islamic Society) in which i have been nominated for the post of vice president. This is the first time i ever wrote a manifesto. I am rather scared of the elections but i promise to do my very best.

And for the first time after so long, i actully achieved everythng that i set out to do during the last weekend. I am slowly becoming more and more organised. I hope to keep improving. As for now, i can say with confidence that I have improved my lifestyle. My room is so much neater. in fact, it is really neat. I eat more regularly. I have quite sufficient sleep too. I'm not too late for my classes (less than 5 minutes late..not my fault,Lynette likes to start classes earlier than the scheduled time). I am able to control the time i spend on the net esp in regards to using social networks. in short, i'm improving =).

May I continue to be organised and not messed up. I work well both ways, but I do enjoy living in a nice and neat room and with proper meals, I have enough energy to keep me going during all these busy days.