Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Call Of Duty

When i first came to Warwick, i was very much impressed with the Malaysian Society's activities. As a highly patriotic person myself, I of course wanted to be a part of all the excitement. I am a part of it through my involvement in the Malaysian NIght. Before this though, i had bigger plans, i wanted to be a part of the MSA committee. I chose MSA but Allah decided ISOC is my place. I lost in the elections of MSA but surprising won the one for ISOC.

All my life, i have never questioned the decisions He makes for me. This is no exception. There are times when i don't get what i want, but in the end (often the ends for me always come sooner than expected) i realise that there are better things in life. This is just one example.

I see my win in the elections as a call of duty. the time has come for me to contribute to Islam. And i willingly and happily except this duty of mine. I am not perfect nor do i have abundant knowledge of Islam. It is my hope that in my journey as the exec of ISOC, i will improve myself while using my leadership skills to help others do the same. also, I hope that my ability to write well and speak convincingly will help in my humble attempts to spread the beauty of Islam.

ISOC, I am ready for you.

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