Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MInd Your Language

So i was and am still terribly down. no matter how high i get during the exam and in the following assignments, i have no hope of scoring a high pointer. even then, there is no guarantee that i will score well for the exam and future assignments, if i'm struggling to comprehend the concepts and theories now, i may face more problems later. God, I'm scared!

Neway, i was way too upset yesterday to do anything or to talk to anyone. The moment i reached my room, i went straight to bed and slept right till 7.30. when i woke up, I still felt horrid. It was hard to work on the assignment as my mind was terribly messed up. the fact that the question is indeed hard did not help either. there i was, sitting in my room...all down and clueless. then, i decided that i needed to cheer up a bit. so i googled comedies. first i watched 'fawlty towers' than i watched a few episodes of 'mind your language'. oh, how i miss that show. 'mind your language' made me laugh so much and this really helped in clearing my muddled mind. i watched for hours. now i know that one of the key to my own success is to be happy and to take things easy. a happy and relaxed me is able to write essays fast and they usually do have a flow of ideas. a messed up and upset me cant do any thinking and i only end up creating a mess in my essay. when i managed to clam myself a bit,i started writing the assignment.before i knew it, i already had 600 words and now i already have 1212.

no, i havent finished yet. i still have a lot to write and since i'll be exceeding the word count, i need to cut down on my words. i hope this assignment will be a real improvement. my,my, my...getting 50+ for 2 assignments in a row...what a slap.

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