Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random thoughts

1. gonna go with the flow

2. havent finished my short story for this week

3.havent started on culture assignment

4.programme in prayer hall on saturday 10-6pm =)

5. had ISOC 1st meeting

6. i really need to stroke a cat

7.managed to get my hands on gogo's burger but that day's one is so much nicer

8. i'm enjoying 'my sister's keeper'

9. i am still able to manage my time well, and i believe so far i have enough time for work, rest and prayers

10. gotta cook something tomoro

11. spent 9.10 pounds on food alone today

12. i realise how some people may take criticism very badly

13. i'm eating too much fast food, chocolates and other unhealthy food

14. i'm disappointed with my sociolinguistics assignment

15. have usrah at 1 pm, but i also have a date with my family on skype at that same time

16. already, my activities are clashing one another

17. i still have that doubt

18. i know why

19. but do i know how to resolve it?

20. parents thought the real life flowers in my room is plastic

21. i vacuumed room yesterday

22. i have a lot of clothes to hand wash

23. i miss someone...

24. i'm scared of the days ahead

25. life moves fast for me.

26. empty

27. truth

36. ...

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