Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Improvement+excitement=My Life

What can I say? Life in Warwick is sure exciting, and it gets more and more exciting. Before this, I truly felt that i have wasted so many months in Warwick. Now that I reflect again, I realise that I havent excatly lost that much. yes, I wasted way too much time on fb, and I was hardly focused enough on my studies..but, there are still many gains during those period.

I learnt to cook and i have actually been cooking every now and then.
I've taken an extra course in writing (i just noticed that it helps me have an easy flow in my academic writing)
I still scored a satisfactory grade for my culture portfolios
I have learned to be more patient

there are a few more small achievements but i cant remember them at the moment.

This week and the following week are promised to be really exciting. On this Thursday, I'll be having the election for ISOC (Warwick Islamic Society) in which i have been nominated for the post of vice president. This is the first time i ever wrote a manifesto. I am rather scared of the elections but i promise to do my very best.

And for the first time after so long, i actully achieved everythng that i set out to do during the last weekend. I am slowly becoming more and more organised. I hope to keep improving. As for now, i can say with confidence that I have improved my lifestyle. My room is so much neater. in fact, it is really neat. I eat more regularly. I have quite sufficient sleep too. I'm not too late for my classes (less than 5 minutes late..not my fault,Lynette likes to start classes earlier than the scheduled time). I am able to control the time i spend on the net esp in regards to using social networks. in short, i'm improving =).

May I continue to be organised and not messed up. I work well both ways, but I do enjoy living in a nice and neat room and with proper meals, I have enough energy to keep me going during all these busy days.

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