Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Allah is never far away

We all need the reminder that Allah is always there waiting for us to tell Him our problems and ask for His help. But ever so often we turn first, or in some cases solely, to His creations who like us are weak and flawed in so many ways. It is undeniable that the best way of making decisions is to first perform the Istikharah prayer and then to do musyawarah, ie, to consult others for advise. However, these 'others' who we consult really need to be carefully selected for various reasons which i don't feel like specifying.

Be careful who you open up to. Only few are really there to help you. Others are merely curious or in some cases intending to add salt to your wounds. 

Allah is never far away.
He's the only One who can guide our every step and show us the way.
The next time you recite 'Ih Dhinas Sirro Ttol Mustakeem' (Guide us to the straight path- apologies for spelling errors in the Arabic transcription) in your prayer, take time to immerse yourself in its meaning and in asking for His guidance. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Walk Away

When there are more reasons to leave than to stay.
and the few to stay are barely worth anything.
and when your efforts are expected rather than appreicated,
it really is time to walk away.
If they can't appreciate your presence, make them notice and feel your ABSENCE. 

AND...I know I'm worth more than that. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

1st list of randoms thoughts in 2013

1. it's 2013 and 41 days have passed

2. i really badly want a cat

3. bunnies are very cute when they chase each other

4. designing materials for teaching is seriously NOT an easy task

5. a new line of ISoc execs have been elected

6. it snows when i least expect it to snow

7. i missed mufti menk's talk cos i completely forgot to register for it

8. i'm shocked to know that my blog has 4766 pageviews-  i hardly write anything!

9. silence has a voice

10. i officially acknowledge the fact that i REALLY can't work in my room. i seem to have mentally registered this place as a rest space instead of working space

11. assignments are starting to come one by one

12. i have less than 5 months left in Warwick

13. fb is starting to become so boring and not to mention depressing

14. forgiving is hard

15. forgetting is even harder and almost impossible

16. having a good memory and remembering too many things can drive you nuts

17. i feel like i need to give my brains a rest and stop thinking for at least 24 hours

18. turqoise is a nice colour

19. i was right after all

20. need to put in some effort to blog more

21. ...