Saturday, January 29, 2011

6.25pm, saturday, 29 jan 2011

in fast motion. but for now, i will just right a few of the things that has happened this week.It's the weekend and once again, my life has moved at a really fast phase. I can hardly keep track of time or even reflect on myself. only today i realised that i've been in UK for 4 months now, and in that 4 months, so much has happened. and i mean, really a lot has happened. it's as if my life is being played in speedy mode.

1. I had a delicious meal of fried rice with fried chicken which was cooked at midnight.
2. I think I had about 400-500 word for Oracy which was due on Wednesday.

1. I had 1000 words to go for Oracy
2. I had a real book hunt in the library (now i know what it means to be a hardworking student of Warwick). I was actually panting from all the rushing and hunting.

3. i was offered to represent UMNO at a meeting on wednesday, but SADLY i had to let go the opportunity


1. I succeeded in completing my assignment and passed it up on time.
2. I didn't realise Mukul's exact instructions for the discussion so i wasted almost 2 hours during the seminar.

1. I was the first person to carry out microteaching, and i only prepared for it on that morning. My instructions were not clear and i need to have better class control. otherwise, i think it was quite ok.
2. Creative writing class as usual, i realise that these classes are getting tougher.


1. Fauzana needed to iron her costume, so I went to ET's room and wala! etea and ell served me a good delicious meal. thanks girls!
2. someone put pork in my fridge space and i accidentally touched it. had to go out in the cold night, wearing really few layers to dig for earth. and it was hard to dig because of the thorns. but, with chibby's help, i managed to samak.

I've had a really good sleep.. Much needed rest i must say.

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