Sunday, January 2, 2011


I could almost swear that time passes much faster in the UK compared to Malaysia!!!

It's like everytime i look at the time, at least 10-15 minutes would have passed, and that's not normal. Sometimes even when i just stare at the clock i feel that the seconds needle is working much faster than it used to. I used to believe that one would feel that time is passing fast when she/he is busy and fully occupied. Yes, I am indeed busy but ever since I came to UK, i feel that even when i'm not busy time passes so fast. I could just sit and dream on the bed and before i know it, and hour would have passed. Also, when i'm bored in class or when i hate the lesson, i used to feel that time is passing slow. But even tat no longer applies to me in the UK. Now, i feel that time even passes fast when i am bored (of course it passes extra fast when i actually like the subject or maybe...the lecturer. ehem ehem...) in short, time passes fast in the UK and i dun think i actually like that. I meant to fulfil and enjoy every moment of the 3 years i have here. I've succeeded so far. Maybe, that's why I feel time is passing, no,'s still not logical. Time does pass faster in UK. That's definite.

and thanks to that, i now have to work at an extra fast speed to finish all my work and to fulfil all my commitments well. 2011, you sure are going to be a very busy year for me. I've already gone through days, weeks and even months where i have so much to do that i hardly have time to breathe (this is what we call a 'hyperbole' in literature...wink!) I realise my hectic life is back..but i'll be able to handle you... =)

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