Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Day Later

This post should have been written last night but it's 24 hours late.

as for my targets for last night, of course i didn't achieve all of them. editing the script took up all my precious time, i had to just forget about doing anything else. thanks to the script, i even had my dinner only at 11pm.

i still havent so much as look at the question paper for oracy nor have i prepared a lesson plan for culture and citizanship. however, i did read on labov experiment (assigned by Mukul), and now i'm reading the links which he asked us to read last week (once again, 'siaran tergendala'). despite reading it carefully, i still don't fully understand the concepts discussed. i pick up things in mukul's class, but these days when i read, i get all messed up and confused. but the good news is, I actually studied today. Sometihing i have not done for so long.

I Think i have to forget about practising a 24 hour system where i study and read everyday. there are so many days in the week where i just cant do that. so, i'll resume to my weekly plans. hopefully with the flexibility of time, i will be able to adjust my plans and achieve them within a weekly basis instead of daily. I could do with less stress anyway. Stress is one of the cause for asthma. I need to take things a bit easier.

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