Saturday, January 8, 2011

Current assignment update

I have 2 assignments to be completed by this wednesday.
Progress so far?

1. Group work and data- basically done but needs some editing and maybe a few citations
2. Individual work - currently 676 words and it needs major editing (this is already my 3rd draft-written from scratch 3 times)

I need 2000 words and so far i havent started anything!
I am still reading and trying to understand the concepts.

as for Oracy which was given to us months ago...just needs to wait till i'm done with these 2 assignments 1st.

I should stop blogging and instead start working but i seem to lack the motivation to do my work. I feel at the verge of giving up but i havent exactly given up. Still, i worry if I cant do my work in time or if my work is only rubbish.

1 comment:

  1. blogging about assignments gives me motivation to finish them up asap. haha.