Saturday, January 22, 2011

No more it's time for reality!

it's not going to happen, but i still keep on dreaming and hoping for the impossible.

But then, i don't exactly have time to do much dreaming these next few days. I'm once again caught in the mist of doing a last minute assignment. i havent started a thing and its due in 3 days time. i only just read the question yesterday. and to top it up, i wont be able to work on it on monday because there'll be dikir barat practise on that night. nor can i work on it on sunday because i have play rehearsal to attend and i have no clue how long that would take.

but at least while bloging now, i'm actually trying to work out some bits about my assignment. i think ive worked out about 5% on it. owh, i have'nt written anything, i'm still in the planning stage. i know my current situation is quite critical but i wont panic-yet.

come lets get oracy done!

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