Sunday, January 9, 2011

marini is right, blogging about assignments does give the motivation to finsish the work asap. finally the data for group work is finished, complete. and now i'm finalising the group essay too. intro and methodology is done, leaving only the data analysis to be edited. i'm getting there. and the moment this is completed, i'm going to finish up my individual work as well. i have to work at a much faster phase now since it is really very late already. for now, i am more spirited. i dun care what happens today, i have to finished 1 assignment at least. if i cant do that, then i have to at least start on my second assignment. wednesday is already so near and here i am still unfinished (socio) and unstarted (sla).


  1. hey piyah! u can do it! all the best dear! jgn tension2 ok! =) ingat! Allah ada! =)