Monday, January 17, 2011

If This is a Test for Me I Accept It

Today alone i don't know how many times I got asthma attacks. I wonder what is triggering it. When i went to the hospital that day, i wasn't gasping for breath, but now, i am. Can't be good right?

Lately, i just don't feel like talking to anyone. I'm not angry or upset, i'm just tired. all the coughing and choking takes up so much of my energy that i have so little left to do anything else at times. It doesnt help that i have a superbly busy schedule and that i have some responsibilities to see to. So with all the coughing and too much work, I'm not exactly the happiest person on earth.

I worry most about my studies. Last Friday, I had an attack during SLA. So, i just couldn't focus. Then i had to leave the class to use my inhaler. when i returned to class feeling better, i was totally lost. Good thing that I only need a pass for this year. However, I don't just want a pass, i want to do well. BUt at the rate i'm going, it'll be amazing if i can achieve anything close to excellence or even anything that can be called good.

This is just a test for me and i will handle it as best as I can. Should I fail in anyway, it wont be due to lack of effort because I'm going to fight back. If before this I may have had to fight other people, this time, I have to fight myself, or more specifically, my bad health.

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