Friday, January 21, 2011

End of week 2

another week has passed. in the past, i used to look forward to the weekends as that is the only time for me to catch up with all my work, let it be in terms of education or even my other chores. that has hardly been the case ever since i came Warwick. Even my weekends are just as bad or even worse than my weekdays.

I would love to stay up every night and see to my work but if i do that there'll be too many negative consequences.
1. my health will worsen due to exhaustion
2. i will sleep in class
3. according to Mr Ruban, it will shorten my life-span

Anyway, right now i'm sitting in warwick arts centre. it's really nice and peaceful sitting here alone. I'm unsure which work to start on, but i will make the most of my next 2 hours or so.

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