Monday, January 10, 2011

10.1.11: 9.25pm -Updates

On sunday night, i finally completed my sociolinguistics assignment. All of it, the data, group work and also my individual work. the word count so far is quite good but i shall see if the essay needs any more editing later on.

i started on sla last night but i only manged to write 106 words. however, i wrote another 400+ in the library this afternoon. havent just had a long almost 3-hour sleep, i obviously have not had any progress for SLA. but now that i'm fully-fed and well-rested, i shall work continuously again and try to get at least 1200 words before i sleep after midnight (or mayb at 4, 5 or 6 am).

today was the first day of term. despite waking up quite early, i was 5 minutes late (or rather Lynette was as early as ever). i hardly absorbed anything in culture class and nothing at all registered in my brains during peter's class either. monday blues and assignmnet blues. that's all.

it's almost 9.30 pm now, i have to start my work. i dont want to stay up on tuesday night and wednesday morning to finish up my work. and since my class starts at 9 on wednesday, my work has to be done ong before i go to class. Class B, you're a bunch of lucky people.

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