Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When panic Finally sinks in...!

i have approximately 5 days of holidays left and i have exactly 3 assignments to do, 2 of which are due in a week. AND...1 of them requires repeated readings to be understood well. no choice there, the concepts have to be understood, otherwise, there's no writing the assignment. Of course i havent started reading anything. and i'm still doing my sociolinguistics individual work, even the group work still needs editing. So, it's time that i start panicking!!!!!

i have been working on these assignments but most of the time, i'm just wasting my precious moments doing useless stuff.


still i have to finish my work somehow. I hope i find it much easier than my friends who are ALL struggling. the fact that they're struggling makes me panic even more.

I need a miracle. But much more than that, I need an attitude adjustment. I need to and I WILL set my priorities right.

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