Monday, March 7, 2011

When I Wake Up Too Early

I have 2 and a half hours to settle things which i usually need to do in less than half hour. why? because i woke up early...a bit weird really. i've been sitting and staring and my lappy without knowing what to do with my time. i truly lack motivation lately. but well, last night was a good move i guess. today is a good maintenance.

Now the whole good thing about waking up early is that i get to beat the cleanes to use the kitchen and the bathroom. if i wake up late, i'll have to 'rebut' (fight) for this places with them. i wonder why do they come so early.. also, i have to fight for the place with the other residences on this floor. the bathrooms are all occupied as early as 8 am and sometimes even before that. but yeah, that's hostel life.

Though i have not done any reading yestearday and today, at least i've settled some other things. at times, it does get stressful when you have too much to see to in such short time. but waking up early and having so much extra time to do little things helps so mch to lessen my worries...

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