Saturday, March 26, 2011

WHo do you want to please?

Saya pilih keimanan dan ketakwaan.
Saya pilih keimanan dan ketakwaan.
Saya pilih keimanan dan ketakwaan.

Selama ni, Alhmadulillah, berjaya berpegang teguh pada prinsip2 hidup. Memang ada waktu dan ketika di mana pegangan menjadi lemah tatkala pencarian nikmat dunia yang lebih cepat dikecapi walaupun hanya kekal sementara, mengatasi pencarian nikmat abadi yang kekal selamanya.

So many times i fall for that trap, but then, i know i'm still strong with my believes as in the end of the day, I return to Him and know for certain that I am doing the right thing and in doing that, i find all the peace and hapiness that I need.

I'm a normal person, worldly pleasures do waver my stand more often than not. But when I pray and read Quran and ask for His signs and clues, i get that strong feeling that I deserve much better. What do wealth, good looks and popularity bring in the end? When we die, we bring nothing with us, only our deeds accompany us. What ever wealth we have in the world is of no use then, unless, while alive we had spent it in His path. Good looks? That too could be a yes if we don't leave prayers and we read Quran a lot. Otherwise...well...Fire is not a form of beauty treatment is it? And popularity...when you die, you're gone. That's it. No one's going to follow you in that grave, at the most, they accompany you for the burial, probably visit your grave during some rare occasions...and that's about all. At all other times, life goes on for the living.

Life here is temporary. What is valued by people in this world may not be the exact thing that is valued by Allah. And what counts in the end, is what ALLAH thinks of you, not what your friends or loved ones think of you (unless they value the same things Allah does).

So who do you want to please now? Allah? or the human species (who is ever so often hard to please anyway)?

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