Sunday, March 27, 2011


Young love, sweet love...but is it true love?

In this modernised era, 'coupling' is no longer an issue but a trend and the current 'in-thing' whereby having a boyfriend/girlfriend is seen as a necessity rather than a sin. Just look around us, especially in places such as shopping complexes, cinemas, bowling arenas and etc, these places are often packed with young lovebirds. And most of the times, they are REALLY young.

For years I have been observing my surroundings and i note a pattern in this whole trend. Guys often choose girls who are pretty, stylish, sexy and at times 'gedik'. Girls on the other hand tend to choose guys who are good in satisfying their needs and paying them a lot of attention. I see girls with thick make-up and revealing clothes who just allow guys to hold their hands, hug them and even kiss them. Sometimes they do wear the hijab, but still their mode of dressing does not fully obey the guidelines of Islam. When they wear short sleeved tops, their arms can be seen. Sometimes, their t-shirt is short and their jeans are tight. Often too, their t-shirts are also so tight that it reveals every curve of the female body. What else, if the girl does not even wear a hijab, of course, much more is revealed. And now there is this trend of wearing dresses and mini-skirts. Yes, every part of the body is covered in cloth, but since these dreses are often body fit, in which the chest part is often emphasized, the dress is still not fully decent. And when the dress or skirt is worn over tights, the shape of the legs are still revealed.

The above are often the very thing that catches a guy's attention and so called 'love'. Then the drama begins. The guy starts to call the girl, or talk to the girl , or better still, even take her out on a date. And soon the girl will go 'Oh! He cares so much about me!'. When the girl is upset, he's there to offer her some words of comfort, and this time the girl will go 'He is sooooo understanding!'.

Girls, a man who is worthy of your love is not the man who hangs on the phone with you for hours, or send a few hundred msgs a day or even the ones who takes you out on dates. The man who is TRULY Worthy of your love is he who respects your dignity as a muslim girl and protects you from the straying eyes of all men who are not your mahram , including himself. The man who is best for you is the one who brings you closer to Allah, instead of allowing you or even helping you stray further from the path of Islam. Choose the man who guides you to do good and forbids you from sinning and he who reminds you to remember Allah in your every deed.

Guys, Islam puts you a step higher than the female gender. In doing so, you do not own the latter, rather, you hold a responsibility to protect them and guide them. When you marry, you carry the sins of your wife. Now, what kind of girl would you prefer, the one who is pretty, sexy and smoking hot or the one who is decent and God-fearing?

Our love for worldly matters must never exceed our love for Allah, and this includes our boyfriends and girlfriends. It is not a sin to fall in love, but it is a sin to cross the boundaries of religion. Do not look for worldly love, until you have found the everlasting love towards He, who is most deserving of your love. Once you find that love, you will eventually find all other loves in the world.