Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Benefits of some of the Most Commonly Read Surahs

Insyallah, every surah in the Quran has its benefits. But there are some surahs which are more often and commonly read among Muslims worldwide. As Muslims, it would be great to continue reading these surahs while knowing the benefit that comes with it.

1. Surah Fatihah Protects one from the anger of Allah.
2. Surah Yaseen Protects one from the thirst of the Day of Judgement
3. Suratul Waaqiah Protects one from poverty and starvation
4. Surah Mulk Protects one from the punishment of the grave
5. Surah Kauthar Protects one from the enmity of the enemy
6. Surah Kaafirun Protects one from kufr at the time of death
7. Surah Ikhlas Protects one from hipocrisy
8. Surah Falaq Protects one from calamities
9. Surah An-Nas Protects one from evil thoughts

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I received this as an sms from Nathifa Jasiyya Lowman. May Allah reward you for sharing this with us. And may everyone who reads this post benefit from each verse of the mentioned surahs. Amiin.

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