Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I don't want to get eaten =(.

EARLY NOTIFICATION: I will continue 'The Turn' series another day. Too busy to write about that today.

Refering to the subject above, I hereby notify all readers that as much as I like to do the most enjoyable activity of eating, I have no intentions to have myself eaten!


Why in the world did I go and watch that video about that badger eating the most horrifying animals like snakes. UGHHHH!!! now i feel sick. that honey badger eats all sort of animals but it was the snake-eating part which troubles me most. I do not like snakes. I do not like crocodiles. I hate them!!!!! ANd just cant stand seeing them even in pictures or videos or even animation!!! AHHHHH!!! And even though i hate them, I did not enjoy watching them get beaten by the badger and i most definitely hated watching them being eaten. EWWWW!

And to add on misery and phobia, the snake venom actually did take effect on the badger as it fainted for a while. BUt then, the badger just woke up again and continued eating the snake. Very troubling to my mind...Scary, freaky, troubling...

I used to fear death of being eaten by animals like tigers or lions, now i also need to fear the badger. Oh please, Allah..please, please dun let my last moment of life be a meal to some horrifying creatures...

Aishhhh...I guess I should just stick to watching innocent cat videos. All this animal eating is not suitable for public viewing. Ok is just not suitable for my viewing. Now i'm gonna have nightmares...Astagfirullah..

See..this kitty looks so sweet, adorable and harmless. As a girl who stands for peace and harmony, I cant tolerate violence even from animals...


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  2. OMG I want to see the badger video!