Friday, May 20, 2011

You're getting old while i remain young =P

Once upon a time, in a not-so-faraway-land (nope, not far...ini orang ipoh mari punya orang), there was this girl...

We first met each other 7 years ago in this place...

Main Convent, Ipoh.

Our encounter was not long, she left within a few months..


We met again in this place...

We were not class mates, but we were hall mates...and not just any oridinary hallmates, we were ladies with a mission -to pass the 2-year foundation course in order to further our studies in Warwick University.

Yeah, we both achieved our aim all right...but before that happened...all these took place first.

1. We became mommies to this adorable cat.

Together, we spent our allowance feeding her, and we took turns to play with her and keep her company. I did not keep Brownie in my room, so it was this friend of mine who had to wake up at odd hours in the night to open the door when Brownie needed to go to toilet. And we both became Grannies to Brownies 8 kittens. For some strange reason, Brownie loved our socks. My only conclusion is that, it must have smelled like fish. Hehe...

2. We enjoyed filling our bellies with food...

I have no idea why people around us kept staring at our table. I mean, it's not like we had too much food on the table, orrrrrrrr.........did we?

3. She is the first friend in my whole 21 years of life who finally succeeded in making me eat sushis. In fact, i actually like sushi now. IMPORTANT FACT!!!! She makes GREAT sushis...

4. Obviously...we also had loads and loads of studying to do..

But the studying and exam and assignment stress is always more bearable when you have someone to share it with...especially, if that someone is so full of jokes that you could start tearing from excessive laughing. oh yes, we might also end up with stomach ache.

So who is she???

Name: Nabilah Mhd FAuzi

NIckname: Lala

Hometown: Ipoh

Status: Single mother to Brownie, and single granny to Brownie's 8 kittens

Date of Birth: 21 May 1990

EH!!!! It's today la!!!!

Goodness're 21 already? So sad! I'm still 18 you know. Was 18 last year, still 18 this year, and will remain 18 next year and for as long as i wanna be 18. In any case, old or young, you're still a person who mean so much to me. I will never be able to express my grattitude and appreciation for having you in my life for the past years (and hopefully for many years to come), but here's a simple wish for you...



  1. Salam..
    Auuuuuwwww jeles i~~!! hehehehe
    Nice one laa kak ^^

  2. thank you so much =). will really keep this in my computer