Thursday, March 24, 2011

Money Matters

I am a careful person when it comes to cash. However, after years of being careful, i slacked and now i realise i have overspent a bit. well, partly, it is the fault of the housing agents who caused me to have 170pounds of my cash burnt, but on the rest of the part, this situation is due to the decisions which i myself make. Tracing back my steps i find that there are some changes i need to make in the future so to not allow this situation to happen again.

1. No more online shopping unless i really need something. I have most of the things already, like printer, winter clothes, sleeping bag, and books for this year.

2. Next year, definitely will still travel, but gotta cut down on unnecessary expenses.

3. No more expensive gifts back home. Will only post stuff when it's one of my parents birthday. And even then, will try to get something economical, and also light so to safe on the postal fees.

4. Gotta cut down on the chocolates and cakes and pastries. After this no more buying chocolate drinks from costa or curiositea. if buy also, only once a term or if really need to have outings with friends. And instead of having cakes and pastries on a weekly basis, or even a few times a week, I have to cut that down to one month once at the most.

5. cut down on top-up...use skype instead =).

Insyaallah, next year, i wont look at my bank statement again and go 'uh-oh!' =)

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