Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i'm sorry and i will always love you

This post is specially dedicated to the most adorable creatures on earth- CATS. To all the cats in the world i humbly apologise for my previous post which may have offended you. The post about a mouse's life is not meant to insult cats but merely to entertaint my readers (if i have any).

Dear cats,
Please be well assured that no other animal can ever take your place in my heart. if you feel upset with my post, i am very sorry. Please believe me when i say that CATS ARE THE BEST!!!CATS RULE!! there is no other animal which is cuter than cats. for me, i will always love cats and cats will always love me.

lastly, to all the kitties..I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU VERY,VERY,VERY MUCH. MEOWWWW...

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