Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Thoughts 17 May 2012

1. A duck was being very friendly to me on Monday (never had a duck quack so much to me)

2. Had chocolate cake for breakfast

3. I should be getting ready to go to the university and start doing something useful with my time.

4. Tomorrow is Friday.

5. It's my turn to cook tomorrow and this weekend.

6. Fridays are always busy for me.

7. I haven't stroked a cat for weeks...!

8. Faiza has a cat named 'Cotton'.

9. 'Cotton' is a true beauty queen! =)

10. It's 11 degrees today.

12. We're having a sumo wrestling tournament for our Isoc end of term bbq.

13. I just realised how much my grades has dropped compared to last year..Astagfirullah..

14. We're in revision term

15. Exams -20th to 23rd June 2012

16. Tickets to go home are wayyyyy too costly =(

17. I don't know to stay back or go home

18. There's a book sale in H0.42 till 5pm today

19. David Nunan is giving a lecture in H0.51, 4-5pm today

20. Isoc bbq tickets are 5pounds- early birds (members only)
                                      6.50      - Members (normal price)
                                      7.50      - Non-members

21. Maroon hoodies

22. At crossroads..

23. I need a dictionary (hard copy)

24. We are yet to get back our CILC assignment

25. Must be very careful with every move I make (feel like i'm being spied on!)

26. I've been silent cos of various reasons... (secret can't state them here)

27. These 26 points are random, unorganised, maybe even messed up facts

       but at least...


      Thank you Lala..

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