Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh Money, don't leave me!

I just realised that I've lost so much money in the last 2 years. It's not that i'm spendthrift, it's just the money goes off just like that.

It started from the very first time i reached UK. When I converted my travellers cheque into cash, i found out a few hours later that i could have gotten about 200 pounds more than what i got. 1st lost..I accepted it that maybe the money just wasn't meant to be mine.

Then in the same year, I lost another 175 pounds to Bluewood agency because I terminated my house contract with them. We tried to get our money back but we just couldn't. Anyway, we accepted it that it was just our loss and that in the long run, we actually gain in many more different ways.

Later on I realised that I was spending a lot of my Lebara top-ups because as an exec, I had to make many calls and send lots of texts. So I got a new number. My first contract was with 02, which was too slow in activating the line so much so i chose to end it. This caused me to lose i think 40-50 pounds because i was too busy to terminate it earlier and the payment was actually still ongoing. in fact, i might have even lost more than that. the worst part was that i didn't even use the line =(. Then i signed up for a vodafone contract. For God knows what reasons, i opted for the one with 600 call minutes. after some time i realised i use more texts than calls, so i changed my plan to something much cheaper (and logical!). trip to Turkey was actually during a quite busy time for ISoc, so i had to make many calls back to the uk and that was BEYOND COSTLY!!!!! For the first time in my life, my bill came up to about 100pounds!!! and the phone company actually called me up due to the high bills and threathened to cut the line if I didn't pay at least 2/3 of it! I didn't expect the bill to be sooooo high so i was both shocked and disappointed. But then again, we learn from our mistakes right.

My financial crisis didn't end there. This time, it was my flight back home that took up more money then necessary. This is partly caused by my extremely busy uni life and because I myself wasn't sure of my plans for the summer. Because i bought my ticket really late, and because i was too dumb to grab one during the promotional offer, i ended up spending so much more than my other friends, and the flight journey as a whole, was by far my worse travel so far.

And then, sometime during this last summer, i found out that some cashback company was decudting 10 pounds from my account on a monthly basis. I completely forgot that i had actually signed up for it and by the time i realised that i was once again unnecessarily losing money, I had already lost 40pounds. And then when i did come back to UK, i became beyond busy that i just didn't have time to deal with it, so i lost another 20 pounds before i could actualy terminate it. that's 60 pounds lost for nothing!

And just about an hour ago, i lost another 25 pounds becuase i had to cancel my flight due to my own carelessness. I overlooked some important details and just had to cancel that flight in order to book a new flight ticket. And even this time, I'm actually spending easily 50-70 pounds more on the tickets because of my delay in purchasing them earlier. Still, on the bright side, it's Qatar airways, instead of vietnam airlines or KLM which were just not really fun to fly with.

Above all of this, I'm certain i've lost money here and there in various different ways. This alone already come to more than RM 2250.00 which is A LOT of money in Malaysia and even in the UK. while some could perhaps be avoided, when i think back, i realised that it was mostly unavoidable and even when i did realise things, I was always too busy to see to them. I'm just wondering if i'm under some kind of curse or have I lost the barakah in my rezeki? Maybe the money is really meant to go. I'll start to save more now..and I'll do my best to be more careful with my finance.

Money, money please dont just leave me like this...

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  1. That's so unlucky. :( You should be more mindful and careful~