Sunday, June 7, 2009

best things in life are free

have you ever felt deprived from the simplest privileges in life?say for example,the privilege of time and happiness?these things are basically free,but it's surpirising how sometimes the rich ones are the ones who are usually deprived from it.
Try reading the book 'the undomestic goddess' by Sophie Kinsella..its a story about one of the top-most lawyer in the country who is so busy that she just cant enjoy all the money she earns..not telling anymore,don;t want to spoil the was one of the best books i've read in my lufe..reminds me a bit about myself.
time and happiness...
i was being forced to do medic upon completing my spm...but i refused! mainly because of the time constraint. i have no plans of being a mother who neglects her children. as far as i can help it,i will not deprive my children from a mother's love. so to all the other sick people, sorry-i'm not interested in dedicating my life to cure you.
while i was in matrics for a year,i really did suffer as i did not enjoy the course.real torture!!so,instead of wasting my time suffering,i enjoyed myself by playing i utilised my time for sleeping,eating,baby-sitting the cats and kittens,and socialising. studying and revising was done only as a past time.hehehe...however,this was the best time in my life.i have never felt so happy in my life. due to me being happy,my face used to be glowing wit happiness. this is why i keep telling people that my one year in matriks is not a waste. it was one year of happiness,something i used to be deprived of.

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