Friday, June 12, 2009

Time After Time

What effect does time have on us?
When it goes too fast, it gives us pressure. But it’s this pressure that gets us working and keeps us on top of things. That’s one expect of time. Another question would be… how much does time change us?

We often hear the phrases ‘change in time’ and ‘let nature takes its course’. Both phrases are associated with the changes which takes place as time passes.

One change which occurs in time is the process of growing up. This is a never ending process. No matter how certain we are in claiming that we are ‘fully grown’, we are actually never fully grown. This is because in the process of growing we acquire knowledge, and learning is a lifetime process. No matter how long we live, there will always be things which is obscure to us and we can never be ‘right’ about things all the time. So, we are never fully grown. The term ‘fully grown’ may only be appropriate in the context of physical growth.

Anyway, what effect has time left on me? It has many effects but I shall only discuss one of it- time strengthens friendship.

I recently met up with 5 of my high school friends, one of which is a friend since standard one. The rest are all friends from high school. While we were in school, I never realised who would remain friends even after we leave high school. 3 years has passed since I left Convent but the bond of friendship with certain friends remains as strong as ever.

We hung out in Jusco, where we enjoyed the movie Hannah Montana as well as our lunch in the Black Canyon. A simple affair of few hours, but - an enjoyable one. It struck me that sometimes it’s not the place or the things you do which makes it enjoyable and memorable, but it is the company which makes it fun. Jusco is a place which I often go to. Most of the time, I find the place boring. Nothing much to do. The fact that I keep seeing the same things does not make the place any more exciting. But somehow, every outing there with my high school friends, is enjoyable.

It is always nice to catch up with each other, to bring all the old gossips back to life, to laugh over some of the things we used to do (like getting into trouble). Meeting up with old friends is always nice. I still remember the time when I met a friend form matrics in KLCC. We spent most of the time walking in circles instead of going into any shops. This happen because we had so much to talk about!! All the shops were just not nearly as interesting as what we had to say to each other.

All in all, true friendship last forever. Maybe today we do not realise who are our true friends. But time will show us the answer. True friendship does not die off as time passes, but it goes stronger. The distance between friends will not be a reason for the end of the friendship if the bond is strong. If a friend still sends sms to ask about you or calls you up after some time, that shows that the friend still cares. And meeting up with old friends will bring back all the memories of the good old days…

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