Sunday, October 10, 2010

When a dream comes true

i was supposed to write many more posts earlier but the preparation to go to uk really took up all my time-but alas, i'm finally here in uk.

my journey started off with the torturous struggle to drag my 23kilo luggage bag along with my 7+ kilo back pack and my extremely heavy laptop. the fact that westwood was a 30 minute walk from where we were dropped off made everything so much worse. i'm really grateful for the help i got from haniff. also, i just cant thank the seniors enough for seeing to our meals on or arrival day.

the walk was worth it. as it turned out, my room is one of the biggest and the view is simply breath taking. in the first few weeks the weather was a torture. coming from a very hot country, it wasnt easy to adapt to the cold weather in uk.

now that it's been one month, i think i am starting to adapt but i just cant imagine how cold it'll get during winter. i am still adapting and i still feel rather lost in this new place. i dun like feeling lost. i like feeling fully certain and confident.

the food is not much of an issue as it is easy to find halal food. besides, we can always cook our own meals. this is rather time consuming though.

one thing really does surprise me though. when i 1st arrived i thought i was dreaming and every step i took felt like a dream. surprisingly enough, i still feel that way. i dont feel very real. i feel even i am imaginary or something like that. even since young i wanted to study in uk, and my dream came true. now that i'm here, i should at least feel less dreamy, right..

when will the reality that i'm already in uk sink in?

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