Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Big Plans for Reading Week

firstly, i wanna smile as wide as i can, cos after so long, i really managed to 'melepas rindu' to some ppl who i miss so much.

so, it's the reading week. logically i (and everyone else who has reading week) should be spending the wekk doing tonnes of reading right.

let me list out all the work which i have successfully accumulated
(from the o'grady book)- chapter 1
- chapter 2
- chapter 3
- chapter 5
- chapter 13
(Gass & selinker book) - chapter 1

ORACY- 3 theories of language learning
- Krashen's theory
- listening (i have no idea why there is so much to read on this...ish!)
- communicative competence

SOCIOLINGUISTICS- definition of bilingualis and all its problems
- individual bilingualism
- bilingualism & the family
- bilingualism & the community

CULTURE & CITIZENSHIP- 4 weeks of portfolio entries plus the ethnograpy report for this
week (which includes carrying out the survey, analysis the data
and writing the report)
- All the too many handouts...

so..i have all this to see to and since i have succesfully wasted my 1st half of the reading week doing nothing beneficial, i am left with too much to do in too little time. Live is to be enjoyed, its not worth getting myself all worked up for this mountain of work.

now to my plans for this week
1) lepak with ell in leamington spa. might even go to jephson garden to snap some pictures
2) write emails and catch up with my family, frens and lecturers in msia
3) handwash my clothes (this is a excaping this chore)
4) carry out the survey for ethnography report
5) might actually start on the report if we have sufficient data
6) i'll probably do 1 or 2 portfolio entries
7) i must get my hands on the oracy assignment (since i dun have the question paper, i still dun even know the question or have any clue at all about the assignment)
8) maybe..just maybe i'll read a few pages for SLA , not sure what i'll read but i'll try to read something.

as for the rest of the stuff which i need to read or do, i will just have to forget about it for now. i will start panicking when the dateline is really near or when it's about a month before the exams.'s 10 am now. i've been awake for hours but i havent actually done anything. i wonder why i even bothered deactivating fb. ever since my deactivation, i've found so many other ways to waste my time well. hahah...i know i'm so gonna regret all this in a matter of time, but i just cant bring myself to care.

btw, who else wnats to joing me and ell for leamington? we can release tension ppl (i dont thinki we actually have any tension as just yet but who cares..)

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