Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reading week, Sushis and Birmmmmmmmm!

i promised an update didn't i?

lets see..the only reading i've done so far is chapter 1 from O'Grady's SLA's book. as for the portfoilio entries, i've literally not typed even a single word.

but today, i did have an amazing time in Birmingham.

despite the fact that i'm notmuch of a sushi fan, i actualy dined in a japanese restaurant an swallowed sushi after sushi. one thing i notice is that sushis have a very bad effect on me. i makes me go all weird, as if i'm drunk or something. this has happened twice: the first was during the bonfire and fireworks in kenilworth and the second is this trip. why??? why?? what's in the sushi that makes me go all excited and crazy???! ppl from other tables were actually looking at our table and i could read it from their faces "these girls must have had too much alcohol"...

well, that's that. i guess, its no harm for me to go a little crazy once in a while right.

now to the other eventful happenings in birmingham. i shopped more than my expected budget. nothing surprising there. however, i am very happy with my buys. i simply adore my pair of boots (although it's exactly like lala's she put it, 'it's ok kak long, we're sisters!'). while trying it, i din even ask for the price and since it was so very comfy and nice, i would have gotten it even if it had cost 30 pounds (it only cost 20 pounds). and then, though i already have 3 complete sets of thermal wear, i went and bought another 2 sets. erm..i'm not sure if this is a smart thing to do. i wash my clothes very often because i usually handwash and only use the machine once a month (maybe longer than that). so,do i really need so many pairs? but since i've already bought it, i'll just make the most of it. there are sure to be days when i wont have time to wash my clothes that often, so the extra pairs will do me good.

well...i could go on and on with this post but i'll stop here for now. perhaps i should do some reading. now, where did that novel go...?

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