Friday, December 31, 2010

Fantasy vs Reality

My age is catching up but i'm wondering whether or not my maturity is increasing paralel to my age. If before this i became addicted to my childhood fav cartoon 'Lion King', now i've got myself re-addicted to another one of my childhood favourite, 'The Cave of the Golden Rose' which is also called 'Fantaghiro' on Youtube.

Lion King caught my attention once more due to its songs and the hidden but meaningful message behind the songs and the story (i'm not going to elaborate on this. might do that in another post). However, the tale of Fantaghiro did not actually re-capture my attention as the effect the story had left on me many years ago is still very clear. evrything about the movie captures me, the setting, the plot, the magical elements and even the song. This is one movie i will never forget. and the land of 'the cave of the golden rose' will always be preserved in my memory for a very long time, maybe even forever.

it hasn't passed me that the movies and books which leave most impact on me mostly have something to do with magic and fantasy. after 'Fantaghiro' i loved watching 'the 10th kingdom'. and my favourite next to 'Harry Potter' is 'Narnia'. All of which are based on fantasy and magic. most importantly, all of those story takes its readers and viewers into another world, a world different from what we are accustomed to. In fact, this actually happens even within the story of '10th Kingdom' and 'Narnia'.

Now as I grow up, I realise the actual pull which all these stories have on me- the fact of being taken away into another wolrd. All my life i have always wondered how it would be if I accidentally or even purposely step into a different world. Maybe that's what i really want and it's why i continue to love these stories.

People say that living in fantasy is bad and that we must always stick to reality. When have i ever cared much about what ppl think and say. For me, fantasy is equally important as reality. it is through such fantasies that i am able to leave aside my worldly worries and give my mind some rest. besides, fantasy story always play with 'hope' as the stories always have a happy ending. often, no matter how realistic we are, we forget the importance of hope in our daily lives. when the hope within us dies, our spirits die with it, leaving us to be a lifeless soul. True fantasy, we are reminded that hope is not gone and that gives us the courage to carry on.

Reality hits us hard at times. Fantasy on the other hand can be argued to be a deception. The choice of living a painful truth or living a deceptive fantasy is individual and whichever option chosen; the choice is never wrong. Some people need to live in fantasy as their realistic life bring them no reason to be happy. they can always opt to live with sadness and heartache throughout their lifes, but is that the right choice?

fantasy vs reality...there'll never be a definite answer to that (as long as i am concerned). I need both in my life. I'm a realistic person (I know I am and I don't care if others think differently), still I will always love fantasy. I think that no matter how old i become, a part of me will always long to be in one of the fantasy worlds such as those in these stories.

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