Saturday, March 13, 2010

'the best profession'

Ask a child what she/he wants to be when she/he grows up and the general answer will be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Most likely, the child deosn't even know what the profession really means.

Anyway, i believe a young 21 year old adult like me have lived long enough to know what i have got myself into. after being in the tesl course for 2 years, i still have no regrets. however, some people don't seem to get it to their heads that this is exactly what i want to do with my life.

some still claim that 'the best profession' for me is to be a doctor or engineer. and that with 8 a's i should be doing a better course than tesl. they would go, 'what a waste..all those A's goes into nothing.

my arguments are:
1. i got all those a's to get what i want in life. not what other people want for me. i worked hard to fulfil my own dreams. not anyone else.'s
2. these people are not my parents. my parents are more than happy with my choice. so, who the heck are they, to force me to become a doctor or any other job that drives me insane?
3. every career and profession starts from a teacher. every individual have obtained a certain form of education, formal or informal. the point is, it starts from a teacher. so, why shouldn't i be a teacher?
4. i'm not interested in money. 'if you're a doctor in the private sector, you can earn up to 20-30k'. this is what i think 'as a mortal, that 20-30k will all be left behind when we get into our graves and face the Almighty'.
5. i really hate to do science., contrarily, i love to do language. why should i suffer with science when i am perfectly happy doing language?

so, i was asked 'you think what? study in England very great ah?'
no, it's not great, but since i'm precisely doing English, where else should i be studying? in a foreign university which ranks 52 in the world or a local university which ranks a few hundred something in the world? with all due respect to the local varsities, it is a blessing to be able to learn english in Warwick. local varisties are still good, but if i can get better, why not go for it? after all, i will be back to serve the locals. i am not just wasting my knowledge, i will share whatever i get with my future students so that they shall benefit from it.

this is MY verdict: i am going to do all it takes to fulfil my dreams. say whatever you want, even though you are my family, it leaves little impact on me. keep wasting your time with all your insults. the more you talk, the more foolish you seem to me. not to mention, i think you a highly proud and ungrateful person, a person who only sees your own profession as 'the best profession' and look down on other professions. the world will be a better place if there are less people like you around.

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