Saturday, March 13, 2010

sex education

The inclusion of sex education in schools is now a hotly debated topic. Some feel that it it a necessary move to curb the growing social ills in the country. Others feel that it is ridiculous to teach children about sex. questions are raised about who are the best people to educate and in which subject should it be included?

Having recently done an assignment on 'free-sex among teenagers' I think it is necessary for our youths to be well equipped with sex education. Through my research and various reading, it is appalling to find that even adults are unaware of how pregnancy takes place. Nor are they aware of the many sex-related diseases such as std, aids, etc. If even the adults are unaware, what about the children?

It was also found that many parents are still shy to discuss this topic openly with their children. They prefer their children to learn about 'the birds and the bees' from friends and reading materials. Anyway, how can we monitor that children are learning the right things if they learn from friends and reading materials? The internert for one is a dangerous place for children to learn about sex. Just type out the word in the search bar and they would end up with thousands of porn sites which is inclusive of pictures of lewd acts and sex videos. This will indeed teach youth about sex but it will also encourage them to be involved with free-sex. These sites wil not teach them the dangers of unprotected sex or the negative consequences it brings.

Thus, I strongly believe that children should be given appropriate education about sex. They should know what it really is and what happens after an intercourse. They should be informed about all sex-related diseases. Religious education should also take place alongside sex education. With strong religious grounds the youths will be protected from the growing social ills in this country.

Now, who and how is sex education going to take place? It will be quite hard and awkward for parents to discuss this issue with their children. Not all parents are open enough to share about sex with their children. To ensure that all chidren are given the necessary information, the education should be given in shcools. I vividly remember that my school used to invite people to give talks on sex. This way, even the teachers don't have to embarass themselves. It took only a few sessions which consisted an hour or two each for us to be exposed to 'the birds and the bees'. Not only were we told about what sex really meant, we were also provided with details regarding the hormonal changes taking place in our bodies and how to deal with them. Then, we were shown scary pictures of sex-related diseases. Pictures indeed paint a thousand words as it was these pictures which affected us the most. sSeing all the sufferings of the victims, surely, a child with enough senses wouldn't want to take the risk.

A child will surely grow more curious about sex as they reach puberty. Before they find their own measures to satisfy their curiosity, proper measures must be taken to protect them from bringing harm to themselves, their families and the nation.

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