Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Rather Spoilt Me

I just realised how very lucky i am. Yes, i have always been grateful and thankful for all that i have but still, doing SBE at home is a bit different. i have my mother doing almost everything for me.
1. Irons my clothes
2. Prepares all the meals
3. Prepares my water bottle in the morning
4. Makes milo for me in the morning
5. Baked a cake for me immediately after i mentioned my craving
6. Washes all my clothes
7. Prepares meals every day based on my requests
8. Takes me out shopping (and usually pays for it)
9. And does all the other housework

These are the things which i would normally need to do on my own. Contrarily, at home, i have it done for me. How lucky =)

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