Monday, March 15, 2010

a teacher's glory

A tribute to all teachers in the world..and also to the teachers who are in the making.
A teacher is not a person who earns glory through earning millions and billions of ringgit.

A teacher is rich not by cash, but by knowledge.

A teacher's glory is reflected not through her/his achievements but through the success of those who are taught (the students)

A teacher is someone who brings changes to the lives of those who are taught by them through all the knowledge shared.

A teacher changes thousands of lives. it is a teacher who can improve the living conditions of poor students. it is teachers who mould students into better people.

A teacher's profession is indeed noble.

So why in the world would i regret my decision? i'm not interested in jobs that gives me thousands of ringgit and make me stuck-up.

I rather be a teacher who touches hearts and changes lives; just like how my own teachers have touched my heart and made me who i am today.

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