Thursday, April 1, 2010

the loss of civilisation

Just look at those adorable cats. any cat lover will just melt when they see the pictures. but it is my assumption that even those who are not cat lovers will be nothing but disgusted at the thought of eating cats or dogs (sorry, no pictures of doggies).

that's what i'm going to discuss in this post. the absurd and cruel proposal of eating dogs in order to reduce the amount of stray dogs on the roads. some time back, this vet by the name dato ahmad suhaimi actually suggested that in order to reduce the amount of stray dogs, we should kill them and sell them by the pounds to be consumed.
back in the japanese era, people used to eat cats and dogs because of desperation, because that was their only chances of survival. now, we have abundant food. people wate food on a daily basis. so why in the world should we kill and eat man's best friend?
some time back, it was found that rabbit's meat is more healthy and less in calories. yet the proposal to eat rabbit meat was not accepted by the general public simply because people with hearts could not bring themselves to eat animals which has been long accepted to be pets.
and dogs are well known for their loyalty towards their masters and their intelligence. is it logical to just murder these animals and eat them when there are so much other food which we can consume.
and of all the people, it is a vet who gave such a suggestion. a person who is supposed to save and treat these animals. what is happening to the world? why are we loosing our civilisation?
today, a vet suggest that we eat dogs..if this sickening idea is carried out, in time to come, i wouldn't be surprised if we are told to eat humans. humans are so often worse than animals. 'do not call a person animal brain, you are insulting the animals (Paul, R 2010).

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