Monday, April 12, 2010

when dreams come true

i've patiently waited for so long, since form 2, never once did i doubt the power of Allah in providing me with the best, and then my dream came true. and one great shock it was for me as it came when i least expected it and when i was hit with various problems and bad news. but still, a dream come true..

i knew i have to wait some more and i did (still doing in fact), but why do i feel something has gone wrong? did i do something to screw up or complicate things?

is this another test for me?

You know i will keep waiting and will accept any decision You make for me, but this time i just want some hints. I promise, i will do my level best to accept it if things are not how i want them to be. I believe in You, very,very much but sometimes i do feel restless with my long and painful wait, could You please speed things up for me or at least let me find something to be happy about for now? or better still, could You pls fulfill my heart's desire? that one particular one which i have no control over??

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