Sunday, April 18, 2010

that's it. a break. that's wat i needed and got it too.

had a wonderful weekend at home. went shopping, watch many movies, ate good food and had a nice sleep.

but i really do miss my darling cat. it makes me feel so sad to see those tuna cans and know she'll never be back to eat at my home again. i still remember the last time she came, before she died. i was busy with my lappy and she came and sat next to me. then, the next thing i knew, she was siting comfortably on my lappy. she looked so cute, but i had to move her...

after some time, she left, as usual.

just this time i didn't know that it'll be the last time i see her and play with her.

i keep imagining her voice, i keep seeing her at the gate. i miss her.

but i believe it's really time for you to go. thank you for bringing cheer and joy to my home. we all love in peace k.

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