Tuesday, April 13, 2010


old malay proverb, 'ikut resmi padi, makin berisi, makin tunduk' teaches us to be humble, polite and respectful even if we are loaded with knowledge or wealth.

so i cant understand why for some people it is just so hard to be respectful.

this is not the first time i'm writing about this issue.

exactly why are you so stuck up and so very full of yourselves?

today, so many times we reminded you people to be quiet and respect the speakers, but still keeping quiet was an impossible mission for you. and for some people, i personally gave you signs and reminded you again and again to stop talking but still..you shut up for a while and became noisy again later.

and your attitudes..gosh..some of you are indeed nice and sweet but some...!

mind you, you are new here, and many of you had not seen me or any other seniors giving you a piece of our minds. we don't hate you, not at all. but please be more respectful, not only towards lecturers and seniors but also towards your own friends. if someone is speaking/ talking, the civilised and respectable thing to do, is to be quiet and listen. you're all going to be teachers an when you talk in front of the class, you too will hate it if students are talking at the back.

'what goes around comes around'

think about it.

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