Monday, May 17, 2010


There's the biggest and toughest paper settled. Gosh, those stimulus were all so confusing. i almost got duped into believing that thequestion on population growth was actually on overpopulation. and i just didn't know if we were supposed to discuss both the positive nad negative impacts of it, so i took the safer way. i ignored that question.

somehow, i have this feeling. i know i've answered some parts of section a wrongly. the one about conflict. i most imaginatively and conveniently used my own terms to described the methods of resolving conflicts. are terms of my own creations acceptable in a paper which depend heavily on content and precision?

And how much marks had i actually lost with those mistakes of mine?

and for the questions in section b. they did not state how many points they actually wanted. i was torn between answering less or more. either way, there's a risk to be penalised.

anyhow, one thing is for sure. i truly did my best. so my conscience are clear. i have nothing to regret.

now it's time for me to allow Allah to do his part.

and good thing i didn't rely on the spot questions. ridiculous sopt questions la. satu habuk pun tak kuar.

and i shall do the same for tomorrow. rely more on my heart and my already existing knowledge rather than all these spot questions.

i know i've worked hard, but i still feel worried. the poetry section would determine my overall grade. i hope that the history during mock will not repeat itself. at the same time, though i've been preparing myself for the essays, though i've been reading up on the important quotes, i now feel worried that i have not done any essays. ulike my other friends who have been writing essay after essay.

i have about 5 hours more to equip myself the best way possible, and than its left to my luck and previous preparations.

i'm scared!!!

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