Saturday, May 15, 2010


it's finally here, from a 2 years-wait, its now down to 1 day.

am i ready to face the finals?

have i finished studying?

have i corrected my mistakes?

oh, who cares!

now i only want to do my best and be done and finished with the exam.

i really want to do well but something tells me, i'm not going to achieve my target.

and if i dont, i will most probably go through hell for the next 3 months or maybe even next few years.

ya la, some people (esp all that grown ups) expect me to be perfect all the time, to score only the best and nothing less.

if others watch movies and facebook since sem 1, it's still not as bad as me doing these things only at the final weeks of sem 4. not because i don't care for my studies, but because i know i cant work well under pressure. and since i'm almost ready, why not take a break?

but these people..sigh..instead of looking at the fact that i have worked like mad for more than a year and a half, they see that i play around at the final weeks before the exam.

anyway, to Mr Yusni, Pn Kana and Mr Earnest , thank you for understanding me and realising that what i need most is a free mind, not a last minute overload. while some others make me over-pressured, and act as if i'm committing a serious crime by enjoying myself, all 3 of you undestand that i have already put in my effort, long ago since day one in IPIP. you knew, i need rest and relaxation. thank you for believing in me and and for judging me on an overall basis instead of the very few times that i don't study. love you all so much! and mr lim too... yoo're one of the best lecturers i've ever met. your last remark that day made my spirits soar really high. if i had any doubts before, the fact that you believe in me has made those doubts disappear.

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