Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There's half the burden off my shoulders. Despite my tremenodus hardwork, I must say i am rather frustrated with my paper just now. it's a good thing I did not rely on all those ridiculous spot questions. i relied instead on my own heart. I was right, it was on 'Charles' and the theme of frindship and love in MOV.

what disappointed me was the amount of time wasted in writing the 2 essays. when the questions asks for 5 examples, i am left with no choice but to write 5 points insted of my usual 3 points. and i got rather carried away as my essay was almost 5 pages long!!! no wonder it took so much time.

then there is the second question for novel. with so much time wasted on the mov essay, i was left with approximately 20 minutes to write this essay and the question was not direct. what with no time to draft my work or check my essay, i really cant expect a good grade. and it my answer is so different from my other friends. i hope i've not misinterpreted the question or wrote too clumsily.

then there's the poem which i did not have enough time to finish answering. there goes another 6 marks.

with so much marks loss here and there the prospects of scoring seems very dim. i have done my very best. i pushed myself to the limit during the exam just now. i thought so hard that i'm now having a headache. this is what we call mental strain.

the good thing is i still managed to finish my essays. i hope somehwhere beneath all those excessive rambling, i will still be awarded some marks. so, 2 down and i'm now left with another 2 papers.

all is not yet lost! chaiyok!

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