Saturday, May 1, 2010


i mean that literally!


officially 2 weeks more before exam

and all i do day and night is waste my time doing nothing beneficial

i've got myself addicted to childish stuff once more

i keep watching lion king again and again

and it may be ok if i only watch it once a day

but i watch 3 movies in a day!

and my harry potter..God, i just can't leave without you

i know all the lines, but still i keep watching it over and over again.

it was good to have deactivated my facebook

i thought that would mean less distractions for me

but alas, i've found myself other forms of distractions to keep myself away from my books


and not just any movies..

it's all kids stuff!

i still have so much to cover

i dont think i can cover it all in time

but at the same time i can't stop myself from playing around

what's happening to me?


  1. It's normal for human to be distracted... same here also... easily distracted... exam is getting near... I guess I am not alone... hehehe...

  2. piya!!knape deactivated ur fb account??i need 2 talk 2 u dear.. T__T