Saturday, May 1, 2010


finals is already so near but i still find it almost impossible to stay away from my cartoons and harry potter!

i mean i'm already 21 but i still love these childish stuff (i shall explain why in future posts, no time now).

i know i'm tired after class but still..i watch lion king every afternoon, without fail.

and i watch all 3 movies at times.

i still love books like sabrina the teenage witch,narnia,roald dahl and of course, HARRY POTTER.

i should be memorising facts for social studies but here i am memorising the songs from lion king.

ok, i think i know the problem.

besides the fact that the songs are simply lovely, it's the cats which are attracting me.

i simply love the whole cat kingdom, from lions to tigers and cheetahs. alright, due to the influence of lion king, i shall put an exception to hyenas.

well, will i ever grow up?

or will i still be watching cartoons even 20 years from now?

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