Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The battle is almost won!

only one paper left and that is the grammar paper. the revision class was really helpful as it cleared most of my doubts. i'm not only more prepared but also more confident.

so how was LDV? well, it was not bad really. only the comprehension was abit counfusing. but the essays was definitely easier than the ES quuestions.

just i cant help feeling i was being redundant a few times. however, as usual, i did my very best.

that paper seems to shine some rays of hope for me.

anyway, one paper left and then it will al be done and finished with.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There's half the burden off my shoulders. Despite my tremenodus hardwork, I must say i am rather frustrated with my paper just now. it's a good thing I did not rely on all those ridiculous spot questions. i relied instead on my own heart. I was right, it was on 'Charles' and the theme of frindship and love in MOV.

what disappointed me was the amount of time wasted in writing the 2 essays. when the questions asks for 5 examples, i am left with no choice but to write 5 points insted of my usual 3 points. and i got rather carried away as my essay was almost 5 pages long!!! no wonder it took so much time.

then there is the second question for novel. with so much time wasted on the mov essay, i was left with approximately 20 minutes to write this essay and the question was not direct. what with no time to draft my work or check my essay, i really cant expect a good grade. and it my answer is so different from my other friends. i hope i've not misinterpreted the question or wrote too clumsily.

then there's the poem which i did not have enough time to finish answering. there goes another 6 marks.

with so much marks loss here and there the prospects of scoring seems very dim. i have done my very best. i pushed myself to the limit during the exam just now. i thought so hard that i'm now having a headache. this is what we call mental strain.

the good thing is i still managed to finish my essays. i hope somehwhere beneath all those excessive rambling, i will still be awarded some marks. so, 2 down and i'm now left with another 2 papers.

all is not yet lost! chaiyok!

Monday, May 17, 2010


There's the biggest and toughest paper settled. Gosh, those stimulus were all so confusing. i almost got duped into believing that thequestion on population growth was actually on overpopulation. and i just didn't know if we were supposed to discuss both the positive nad negative impacts of it, so i took the safer way. i ignored that question.

somehow, i have this feeling. i know i've answered some parts of section a wrongly. the one about conflict. i most imaginatively and conveniently used my own terms to described the methods of resolving conflicts. are terms of my own creations acceptable in a paper which depend heavily on content and precision?

And how much marks had i actually lost with those mistakes of mine?

and for the questions in section b. they did not state how many points they actually wanted. i was torn between answering less or more. either way, there's a risk to be penalised.

anyhow, one thing is for sure. i truly did my best. so my conscience are clear. i have nothing to regret.

now it's time for me to allow Allah to do his part.

and good thing i didn't rely on the spot questions. ridiculous sopt questions la. satu habuk pun tak kuar.

and i shall do the same for tomorrow. rely more on my heart and my already existing knowledge rather than all these spot questions.

i know i've worked hard, but i still feel worried. the poetry section would determine my overall grade. i hope that the history during mock will not repeat itself. at the same time, though i've been preparing myself for the essays, though i've been reading up on the important quotes, i now feel worried that i have not done any essays. ulike my other friends who have been writing essay after essay.

i have about 5 hours more to equip myself the best way possible, and than its left to my luck and previous preparations.

i'm scared!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


it's finally here, from a 2 years-wait, its now down to 1 day.

am i ready to face the finals?

have i finished studying?

have i corrected my mistakes?

oh, who cares!

now i only want to do my best and be done and finished with the exam.

i really want to do well but something tells me, i'm not going to achieve my target.

and if i dont, i will most probably go through hell for the next 3 months or maybe even next few years.

ya la, some people (esp all that grown ups) expect me to be perfect all the time, to score only the best and nothing less.

if others watch movies and facebook since sem 1, it's still not as bad as me doing these things only at the final weeks of sem 4. not because i don't care for my studies, but because i know i cant work well under pressure. and since i'm almost ready, why not take a break?

but these people..sigh..instead of looking at the fact that i have worked like mad for more than a year and a half, they see that i play around at the final weeks before the exam.

anyway, to Mr Yusni, Pn Kana and Mr Earnest , thank you for understanding me and realising that what i need most is a free mind, not a last minute overload. while some others make me over-pressured, and act as if i'm committing a serious crime by enjoying myself, all 3 of you undestand that i have already put in my effort, long ago since day one in IPIP. you knew, i need rest and relaxation. thank you for believing in me and and for judging me on an overall basis instead of the very few times that i don't study. love you all so much! and mr lim too... yoo're one of the best lecturers i've ever met. your last remark that day made my spirits soar really high. if i had any doubts before, the fact that you believe in me has made those doubts disappear.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


finals is already so near but i still find it almost impossible to stay away from my cartoons and harry potter!

i mean i'm already 21 but i still love these childish stuff (i shall explain why in future posts, no time now).

i know i'm tired after class but still..i watch lion king every afternoon, without fail.

and i watch all 3 movies at times.

i still love books like sabrina the teenage witch,narnia,roald dahl and of course, HARRY POTTER.

i should be memorising facts for social studies but here i am memorising the songs from lion king.

ok, i think i know the problem.

besides the fact that the songs are simply lovely, it's the cats which are attracting me.

i simply love the whole cat kingdom, from lions to tigers and cheetahs. alright, due to the influence of lion king, i shall put an exception to hyenas.

well, will i ever grow up?

or will i still be watching cartoons even 20 years from now?


i mean that literally!


officially 2 weeks more before exam

and all i do day and night is waste my time doing nothing beneficial

i've got myself addicted to childish stuff once more

i keep watching lion king again and again

and it may be ok if i only watch it once a day

but i watch 3 movies in a day!

and my harry potter..God, i just can't leave without you

i know all the lines, but still i keep watching it over and over again.

it was good to have deactivated my facebook

i thought that would mean less distractions for me

but alas, i've found myself other forms of distractions to keep myself away from my books


and not just any movies..

it's all kids stuff!

i still have so much to cover

i dont think i can cover it all in time

but at the same time i can't stop myself from playing around

what's happening to me?

We Are One

as we go through life we'll see
there is so much that we don't understand
and the only thing we know
is things don't always go the way we planned
but you'll see every day
we will never turn away
when all of your dreams come undone
we will stand by your side
filled with hope and filled with pride
we are more than we are
we are one

if there's so much i must be
can i still just be me
the way i am
can i trust in my own heart
or am i just one part
of some big plan

even those who are gone
are with us as we go on
your journey has only begun
tears of pain
tears of joy
one thing nothing can destroy
is our pride deep inside
we are one

we are one
you and i
we are like the earth and sky
one family under the sun
all the wisdom to lead
all the courage that you need
you will find when you see
we are one